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Amedeo Modigliani 

We have not long to love.
Light does not stay.
The tender things are those
we fold away.
Coarse fabrics are the ones
for common wear.
In silence I have watched you
comb your hair.
Intimate the silence,
dim and warm.
I could but did not, reach
to touch your arm.
I could, but do not, break
that which is still.
(Almost the faintest whisper
would be shrill.)
So moments pass as though
they wished to stay.
We have not long to love.
A night. A day….

"We Have Not Long to Love," Tennessee Williams (via commovente)
yo que todo lo prostituí, aún puedo
prostituir mi muerte y hacer
de mi cadáver el último poema.

Fragmento de Dedicatoria, Leopoldo María Panero (via poesianoerestu)